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Why do people sometimes act like idiots?

December 23, 2010

Try this effective visualization to understand why people sometimes act in ways that hurt you, mostly  Why do people act like idiotswithout even being aware of it!

You will need:
20 minutes quiet time alone
A comfortable sitting position
An open mind

Step 1:
Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and steadily start focusing on the gentle rhythm of your breath. With each out-breath, consciously relax your whole body. Continue like this, consciously relaxing and focussing on your breath. Allow a peaceful stillness to settle within you.

Step 2:
Now, visualize the face of somebody that you do not get along with, somebody that seems to push all the buttons without even trying or realizing that they do so. Or visualize somebody whom you feel that you have nothing in common with. You lead very different lives and in your opinion, no parallels can be drawn between you and the person in question.

Step 3:
Consciously start to push out of your mind all the differences or distances between you and the person you are visualizing. This may take some time as our perceptions of others are deep-seated and difficult to overlook as we have invested time and energy to create these perceptions.

Step 4:
When you can simply visualize the person’s face with no associated feelings or thoughts, start seeing them as just another person trying to get through their busy and stressful days. This may be someone who, like you, has to make sacrifices for their families. This person probably also has dreams that they are chasing, goals that they would like to reach. They most likely also sometimes feel unsure and insecure.

Step 5:
The more time you spend attempting to better understand somebody else through this visualization, you are likely to find many similarities between you and the person in question. It may surprise you that you have more in common with this person than you ever thought possible. Perhaps the person is that you chose to focus on in this practise has hurt you or has wronged you in some way, and it is true that people disappoint us almost on a daily basis, but now having found some common ground between you, perhaps it is possible to better understand why someone acts in a certain way, why they do the things they do.

In the end, we are all ultimately in search of happiness. Some of us have been fortunate enough to have found it on the inside, most of us are still searching outside of ourselves, and this causes us to act in ways which might bring us short-lived happiness, but may also be harmful to others in our surroundings in some way or another.

If we can understand each other a little better, we’ll be in a good place to develop compassion and forgiveness. When we feel empathy for someone, perhaps we’ll feel inclined to communicate to that person, with compassion and love, the error of their ways and how it hurts us. When we start to communicate, we start to connect, and true connection is what we need today.

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